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De-Shedding Treatment

De-Shedding Treatment

The perfect treatment for those breeds prone to shedding their coats. After our consultation and a health check your dog will receive our full package of treatments as required, including: Nails trimmed, anal glands expressed (with vet permission), ears cleaned & plucked, eyes cleaned and cleared of any debris, sanitation area cleared and hair between pads cleared out. Using a high quality shampoo and conditioner best suited to your dogs coat we will bathe twice to get the coat and skin squeaky clean. Towel and blow drying is followed by brushing using the appropriate tools for your dogs coat to remove any undercoat as well as any tangles and mats. A spritz of a gorgeous smelling doggy cologne and your pooch is ready to go home!


Toy & Small Breeds from £39

Medium Breeds from £49

Large Breeds from £59

XLarge Breeds from £69

Prices vary dependent on the time needed to complete your dogs groom and the condition of it's coat.

If you are unsure what category your dog might fall into, contact us and we will advise you.


If fleas are found during a groom, an additional fee of £10 will be added on to cover measures we will need to take to prevent contamination of The Pup Shack.

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