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Did you know 80% of dogs have some form of dental disease by the time they are three years old? 

Canine dental disease can be the precursor to serious health problems later on in the dogs life, including heart disease, liver and kidney damage, septicemia and osteomyelitis.


Professional dental cleaning helps to remove the visible plaque and tartar on the teeth as well as bacteria under the gumline which will go a long way to decreasing mouth odour. 

The photos below show before and after comparisons after Cleany Teeth Sessions.

We use ultrasound air-oscillation tooth brushes in combination with a complimentary dog toothpaste to clean without movement, vibation or noise, making it ideal for nervous dogs.


Initial cleaning sessions are a minimum of 60 minutes in length and cost £45. Maintenance sessions are 30 minutes in length and cost £30.

These sessions can be tied into a groom or booked as a separate appointment.


Discounts for bookings of five or more sessions are available.

20200628_192313_0000 1.png
20200628_192513_0000 1.png
20200628_192417_0000 1.png
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