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I'm Garry Coyle, originally from Glasgow, Scotland, I've been living with my wife Nadine in Chorleywood for 6 years.

Spending time outdoors, whether camping, hill walking or running is something we both really enjoy and was a catalyst for us becoming dog owners.

5 years ago we got our first dog Bailey, a male Doberman quickly followed by Dexter the Jackhuahua. While Dexter is a very easy to care for dog, Bailey has a high prey drive, exceptional speed and a fair bit of intelligence. This can make giving him the physical and mental stimulation he needs difficult. Our third dog Beau, a Rottweiler/Doberman cross came along last year.

This discovery of the positive effect that Canicross and free running had on Bailey's behaviour, and my love of being outdoors meant starting Trail Hounds was a natural progression.

Please contact me to discuss your dogs needs so we can advise you on which of our services would suit you best.


£33 per dog, per session

Here at Trail Hounds we know how much our own dogs love it when we head out for the day into the surrounding countryside, so with  that in mind, we're delighted to offer our clients Adventure Days.

We've listened to feedback from clients who would love an alternative to day care for their dogs or have a very energetic pooch who needs some extra stimulation and exercise. We will be hitting the trails and heading off on cross country adventures in the beautiful Hertfordshire Countryside and beyond.

Our routes will always vary, so your pooch can run, explore, sniff amd swim somewhere new, to stimulate their brain and avoid the boredom of the same daily walking route. We will return them home safe, fulfilled and tired. 

Our  Trail Hounds Adventure Days will consist of pick up and drop off, 2 walks in different countryside locations with some rest in betweeen. Clean, fresh water will be provided and treats for those pups who are allowed.


Taster Session £20 for a 1-2-1 class including kit

Canicross is off road, hands-free running with your dog. This dog sport is fast  growing in popularity as a means of keeping both human and animal fit, but also to build a special bond between you and our dog.

Dogs with behavioural issues, high energy levels and those who cannot be allowed off lead safely can thrive with Canicross.


Want to learn to run with your dog, but not sure what equipment to use, how to get them to run ahead (and turn left and right), or how far to run?

Our Canicross sessions are designed for beginners to the sport and to running itself and those more experienced in running with their dog and who feel comfortable running for 5k.


We provide all the equipment you need, we are fully insured and first aid trained.



£23 per dog, per session

Most dog breeds have been designed to run or be active all day (of course there are a few exceptions), but our modern day life doesn't always allow us to provide them with the energy outlet and metal stimulation they may need on a daily basis.


0ur dog running services can provide a fantastic outlet for the excess energy your dog may have, whether they are a crossbreed, a working breed, a gundog or a terrier.

We provide pack running and Canicross and will assess what method will work best for your dog. 

Multi-dog households are easily catered for too.


Price includes collection, drop off and insurance.



£13 per dog, per session 

We are happy to tailor our services to our clients individual needs, whether your dog prefers to walk in a group or solo, on lead or off lead, a gentle stroll or a zoom around the woods.

We are fully insured (including Pet Taxi) and first aid trained. We will collect and return your pet for your convenience.

Just like us, dogs need regular exercise not only to help maintain a healthy weight, but to keep them emotionally and mentally healthy too.

For enquires on our services and availability, please use the form below to contact me

 trailhoundsdogrunning@gmail.com |  Tel: 07487 518 388

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